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Roof Repair

Many homeowners notice problems with their roofs when signs like spots on their ceiling shows up. Sometimes they see cracked or damaged shingles but they are not sure that they can be a sign of a serious roof damage. In this article we will try go walk your through some basic roof repair terminology. If you have any questions or you simply need help with your roof repair in NJ or Bucks County Pennsylvania, please contact us to schedule an appointment

Common Roof Leaking Spots

Roofs get damaged due to influence of repeated weather conditions. Still another reason for roofing damage could be the quality of material used while installing the roof. However even if the material used was one of the best, a lot of things depend on the quality of work done but the roofing contractor. There are also a few common spots where roofs tends to leak. One of the most common spot is the area where the vent boot is installed. Very often the gasket is cracked or missing or it simply has some loose nails. Always examine the rubber around the pipe for any torn or rotted signs that may allow water to go inside. Step flashing and chimney flashing are other popular spots of leaking. Some homeowners use caulk as a temporary solutions but it usually doesn’t last long. Professional roofing help is needed with every roof leak problem. Choosing a cheaper and temporary solutions like duct tape can cost you much more in the future if water causes some serious damage to the interior of the house.

Common Roof Leaking Spots 2

We noticed that most of the damages to our roof after one of those heavy weather conditions. Suddenly our shingles might be out-of-place or even flashing could be damaged. These were the most common problems reported by our customers after the Sandy hurricane in 2012. We were also busy fixing other roofing problems like leaking chimneys or leaking pipe flanges due to lack of roof inspection and proper roofing maintenance. To the most common roofing problems we can also add blocked gutters which are common issue after the fall season every year. Contact us for help with your roof repair . We offer professional and affordable service for customers residing in our servicing area.

“Minor roof leaks and other roofing problems can lead to water getting in the house which can lead to mildew, mold, and house staining.”

If your roof springs a leak you may just need a simple repair. If you notice any type of roof damage don’t delay! Procrastination in your roofing repairs could lead to more extensive roof problems and additional costs. Leaking roofs can cause a lot of invisible damage to the interior of the house that will result in higher repair cost.

When you notice a roof problem

If you believe that you might need help with your roof, call MAW Construction today. We offer roof repair services for customers located in New Jersey and Bucks County PA. We will be happy to help you extend the life of your roof!

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