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Roof Inspection

Super skilled experts at MAW Construction can provide you with a roof inspection that might save you tons of money and a lot of headache. As all roofers say: it is very important to properly maintain every type of roof in order to make it more durable and last longer. Homeowners who don’t inspect their roofs, eventually end up with a huge cost of replacing half of their property, mold removal and even more expensive roof repairs.

Get Your Roof Inspection From a Trusted Roofer

A roofing inspector who goes above and beyond can be very helpful to the homeowner who needs to make decisions about a roof in need of attention. For example, if the roof has been damaged by inclement weather, the inspector may be able to recommend appropriate roofing materials that can withstand the weather conditions in your specific region. They may also be able to recommend specific roof accessories to prevent against dangers such as the build-up of heavy snow on the roof. The next question is, what do you look for in a roofing inspector? Of course you want a reputable roofing company who not only has the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose any roofing issues, but will also charge a fair price for his service. Having been in operation for many years is a positive indicator of good business dealings. You may also request references from the company, and they should not hesitate to provide them. Roofers at MAW Construction offer all of these above and even more. If you are located in our service areas, please contact us today and schedule your roof inspection.

Heavy Weather Condition Inspection

MAW Construction recommends roof inspections to be done twice a year and after every significant weather condition. The autumn is a great time to get a roof inspection. The time just before the winter comes is perfect to see all small damages that could be patched up right away. In the summer storm damage to your roof can cause additional damage to your roof. In winter we might face another problem: the weight of ice and snow on a roof may cause additional damage and considerably quicker than you can think about it.

Roof inspection step by step

At MAW Construction we carefully examine the inside of the house for any harm that may have happened. We also inspect your loft inside for wetness, and rotted plywood. It’s really crucial that you assess attic vents for cracks, holes and deterioration. They should be repaired, if they are any. The roof should be inspected for granular loss, bruising, missing shingles, defects and deterioration. The final part of the review is a comprehensive test of downspout, gutters installation for blockage and proper drainage.

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