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Windows Replacement

Installing the right replacement windows can add so much more value to your home while providing a beautiful look inside and out. On the other hand when windows are not installed correctly there can be so many problems, such as rain water slowly seeping through then edges of the window into the inner walls creating mold, mildew, and eventually rotting. Another problem if they are not sealed properly, will allow cool, cold, warm, or hot air into the home and then stand by for some outrageous utility bills. So let’s learn how to install your replacement windows correctly the first time.

Replacement Windows Services

First the window frame or opening should allow for approximately one quarter of an inch around all sides to allow for leveling the window within the framing. However, having too much of a gap just increases the chances of more air or water entering into your home. If you find that the framing is much larger than the one quarter of an inch this is the time to re-frame the window opening correctly. After all it is much easier to correct the problem now then tearing the window out a few years from now along with some of the water damaged walls.
Once you know that the window opening is the correct size the next step is to actually slide the window into the opening. The window should be slid in from the outside. Depending on the size of the window make sure you have enough people to safely slide it into the opening. It is equally important that you have at least one person on the inside directing the process. The window should be slid all the way in until the flashing that goes around the window is flush with the window framing. Once you have the window slid into place the individuals on the inside should check to make sure the window is plumb and level. If it it's not, use shims to level it.

Windows Installation Process Step By Step

The next step in the window installation process could be one of the most important in keeping the outside out and the inside in. This step is where you will install the flashing around the outside of the replacement windows. Some experts recommend that you go a little further in this step if you want to make sure water is kept out. One recommendation is to install water proof sheets of self-adhering material in addition to the strips of metal flashing. The final barrier would then be generous amounts of whether proof caulking applied judiciously. If water can find its way through all of that you may have just experienced a hurricane. The final step is to secure everything and then fill in all the gaps around the replaced windows and window frame with insulation. Most experts recommend fiberglass insulation claiming that it does a much better job keeping air out. Once you are confident that you have the window plumb and level, the window secured with nails or screws, and the insulation installed, you can finish the job by placing the trim around the outside of the window on both the exterior and interior walls. We offer the most affordable replacement windows service in the area of New Jersey and Philadelphia Metro Area. If you are interested in getting an estimate, please contact us today.

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